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Our Story

Hey! I’m Aaden Tan, the founder of I started this site to share with Malaysians all the best quality products they should spend their hard-earned money on. is a review site where we compare products and services for their quality and value. Just take a look around you right now – there are all sorts of products (and even more services) being advertised everywhere.

But how do you know which ones are really good? We felt that Malaysians needed someone to help them find the best among all the bad so they can buy with confidence.

We’ve personally tested and reviewed products from over 20 categories (and growing), ranging from kitchen and beauty to household items and home services. We also help our readers save time and effort with plenty of money-saving tips in each article that they can apply to their own lives.

In short, we’re a comprehensive guide for the best things worth spending your hard-earned cash on! Now it’s up to us, not you – so let the hunt begin at

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Our Team

As of now, our team consists of 4 people: Aaden Tan (founder & web developer), Jason Wong (copywriter), Iman Akram (social media specialist cum copywriter) and Janice Chew (copywriter). Our team works together to create awesome contents that’ll always be helpful for Malaysian shoppers like you! We’re looking forward to bringing you more great articles that’ll help you make better purchase decisions.

How We Make Money?

Now you’re probably wondering why we spend so much time comparing products and services without charging anyone for it? The answer is simple: we’re not running ads on our website that collect cash from revenue as it would compromise the site’s credibility, integrity and independence. So luckily, Malaysia offers several avenues for us to generate income in ways that aren’t at odds with our values, like affiliate programs or sponsored reviews and recommendations.

How we review and test the products?

Our team reviews and test the products using the following steps:

  1. Research about the product/service – We spend time researching about a product or service before deciding whether there will be a review on it or not. We make sure that the product we’ll be reviewing is NOT the same as other existing websites out there to avoid duplicating effort.
  2. Compile a list of features – After the research is done, we compile a list of all new features for each category of products and services in order to help readers compare different products more easily.
  3. Uncover price information – We use a combination of online tools and our local networks to find the best deals for our readers.
  4. Collect reviews from experts, or do mini-reviews – Once we’ve got price information, we then contact experts in the field to get their opinion on individual products depending on their areas of expertise (food critic can review food, fashion critics can review fashion etc.). Suppose none of us knows enough about an item/brand (to be able to do a proper review). In that case, we write up an initial overview so that our readers have at least some basic knowledge before they go out to buy it—and whenever possible, we get something sight unseen and try it ourselves. It’s the only way for us to gauge a product’s performance and build quality and functionality.
  5. Collect comments from the readers – After a review has been completed, we ask our readers to leave their comments so that they can share their own experiences with products or services. This brings us one step closer to creating a community of people who want to receive honest opinions before spending on stuff that they’ll get hooked on for years to come!

In short… provides their readers with an independent and trustworthy way to find the latest products & services that are worth spending your hard-earned cash on. We do this by offering unbiased reviews of different product categories without running ads or charging for content, which would compromise the site’s credibility, integrity, and independence.

Talk to Us?

If If you have any questions about a specific type of service or want help finding something in particular, please don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is here to listen to you.

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